Sentence Completion Practice Questions

Sentence Completion are common types of vocabulary questions on many ESL standardized tests.  Sentence Completion can be used for vocabulary, as with the practice questions below, or for other types of tests, such as the MELAB.

If you are learning vocabulary for a standardized test, here is a great overview, or see

1.  He didn’t realize how serious the crime was.  It wasn’t simply a misdemeanor, but rather a ________. 

a. Felony
b. Trespass
c.  Infraction
d. None of the Above

2.  At first I thought she was very rude and boorish, but when I talked to her again she was very ________.  

a. Chivalrous
b. Hilarious
c.  Genteel
d. Governance

3. Her business success showed that she was very ________.  

a. Slow
b. Shrewd
c.  Ignorant
d. Heinous

4. His inheritance was very large – a ________ sum! 

a. Minor
b. Tolerable
c.  Princely
d. Pittance

 5. She never made a mistake – her performance was always ________. 

a. Charming
b. Flattering
c.  Impeccable
d. Impervious

6. I see the differences when they are placed side-by-side and ________. 

a. Juxtaposed
b. Eliminated
c.  Overturned
d. Exonerated

7. She performed the gymnastics and stretches so well!  I have never seen anyone so ________.  

a. Awkward
b. Nimble
c.  Quick
d. Taut

8. Are there any more ________?   We have already had so many questions today. 

a. Queries
b. Commands
c.  Obfuscations
d. Paradoxes

Answer Key

1. A
Felony: A serious criminal offense, which, under federal law, is punishable by death or imprisonment for a term exceeding one year.

2. C
Genteel: Polite and well-mannered. Stylish or elegant. Aristocratic

3. B
Shrewd: showing clever resourcefulness in practical matters, artful, tricky or cunning, streetwise, knowledgeable

4. C
Princely: In the manner of a royal prince’s conduct.

5. C
Impeccable: Perfect, without faults, flaws or errors.

6. A
Juxtaposed: Placed side by side often for comparison or contrast.

7. B
Nimble: Quick and light in movement or action.

8. A
Queries: Questions or inquiries.
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