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About the Test

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), designed and administered at more than 4,500 test centers in 180 countries by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). The TOEFL is an Internet-based Test, or iBT.  The official site for the test is

Note-taking (paper would provided by the center) is allowed during the test and only pencil or pen can be carried to the center. All notes are collected after the test.

You cannot take the test more than once every 12 days.


Register online on or by phone or mail – download forms

The test fees vary based on location and country. For test-takers in North America, depending on your province or state, you can expect to pay from $190 – $250. Test-takers in Asia or Europe can expect to pay around $200.  Refer to the ETS site for prices in your area.

The following documents are required for registration

  • A government-issued valid national/state/province identity card that is issued and recognized by the country,
  • Recent photograph
  • Signature
  • ID proof must be presented at the center before test.

Subjects on the Test

The four-hour test consists of four sections Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. The language tested is the type of language found in an academic environment.

There is a 10-minute break between the reading and listening tests and the writing and speaking tests.

Ten-minute break

  • Speaking: 6 tasks; 2 independent and 4 integrated; Total 20 minutes
  • Writing: 1 integrated task; 20 minutes and 1 independent task; 30 minutes

The reading and listening sections are multiple choice.

Results and Scores

Test scores are on a scale from 0 to 120 points, with each of the four sections scaled from 0 to 30. Test scores are valid for 2 years.

Test Scores are posted online ( ) in 10 days and a printable version is available 3 days later.

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