Beginners Lesson Plans

Using Contractions Lesson Plan – with Video

From Beginners Lesson Plans Book 1 

Using Contractions (With Video)


  • Student Reader
  • Student Workbook
  • Teacher Guide

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Comparative Distance Lesson Plan

Lesson plan with worksheet exercises and teacher guide.   
Comparative distances – close to, the nearest, as far from, the closest  etc. etc.

From Beginners Lesson Plans Book 1 


  • Free ESL Worksheets for Adults
  • Complete Guide for Teachers
  • 13 pages
  • 2 Maps
  • Questions with answers
  • Word order exercises

Comparative Distance Lesson Plan

Lesson 7 Basic Introductions and Meeting

Lesson 7 from Beginners Book 1 Lesson Plans

Lesson 7 – Student Reader  (PDF)

Lesson 7 – Student Worksheets  (PDF)

Lesson 7 – Teacher Guide (PDF)

Beginners Video Workbook


Do you have?
How are you?   I am fine  etc.

Exercises, worksheets and video

Video ESL Workbook I

Beginners ESL Activity Book

Includes : 

  • 31 pages of activities
  • Questions and Answer Class Competition
  • Picture Card Question Game
  • Picture Card Enrichment Activity
  • Crossword Puzzle  (with answers)
  • Picture Cards – Finish the Question

Beginners Activity Book 1 (PDF)

Intermediate to Advanced

The History of Flight

20 thematic Lessons for intermediate to advanced with full audio


  • Student reader and worksheets
  • Teacher guide
  • Full Audio
  • Question and Answer Exercises
  • Crossword puzzle

History of Flight Lesson (PDF)

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