Free Intermediate Level Lesson Plans

Intermediate lesson Plan

Intermediate – Lesson 1 – An Opportunity or a Problem


  • Student Reader
  • Student Worksheets
  • Teacher Guide

Intermediate Lesson 1 (PDF)


Intermediate Lesson 7

Sample – Lesson 7 – Electric Cars, Subject and Object Pronouns


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  • Student Worksheets
  • Teacher Guide

Lesson 7 (PDF)

History of Flight Lesson Plans

The History of Flight

20 thematic Lessons for intermediate to advanced with full audio


  • Student reader and worksheets
  • Teacher guide
  • Full Audio
  • Question and Answer Exercises
  • Crossword puzzle

History of Flight Lesson (PDF)

Intermediate ESL Crossword

4 ESL Crossword Puzzles for Intermediate Students

Includes Answer Key

Crosswords PDF


From – Intermediate Lesson Plans Book 1

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Published: 2024-03-07