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No Unfortunately we only offer download versions of our curriculum. These are in PDF format. You can order the files on a CD, which we will mail for your convenience, but we do not offer a hard copy paper version. Could you tell us more? Are you asking for the printed books? What is LBC?
Listening Comprehension is an auditory program written for students who can read and write English but need practice with the pronunciation. It reinforces the content of Modules 1 to 4.
Yes. As long as arrangements are made in advance and you purchase all 4 Modules within 2 days. You will need to contact myself, Brian, in advance for a special payment link and download instructions.
On our Curriculum Pages, links below, in addition to the Table of Contents, we list, Grammar Points Covered, Conversational Activities, Activities, as well as details of each book, Student reader, Student Workbook and the Teachers Guide. If you require further information, a selection of samples is available from the main Curriculum page - Fill your name and email into the orange bordered box on the right hand side.
No I am sorry. The information on our site is extensive, and with the samples available, we feel there is more than enough information to make a decision as to the proper level of your students.
We understand your problem as we encountered a similar situation when we started teaching in Czechoslovakia. The only ESL textbook was a small one for the good socialist family. The first lesson had 75 new words - so we started writing our Teen-Adult curriculum. The curriculum is written for students aged 13 and older. Its content is based on the results of many surveys. The students rated all the different types of exercises and activities on a scale of 1 to 10 - 1 being not helpful and 10 very helpful. The lessons are written for 1 and 1/2 hour classes but any lesson can be continued during the following class. Our basic philosophy is to make the lessons fun and interesting - providing a variety of activities and exercises. You'll know it was a good lesson when they leave the class laughing. All lessons stress conversation in both large and small group situations.
No we do not offer a WORD version. We suggest that you try downloading Adobe Acrobat 9 or higher and then open the samples. It is free. Let us know how you make out.
The program provides a test at the end of every fourth lesson with a final test at the end of each Module.
The Modules are written for students aged 13 and older. Our oldest student was 84!
This Curriculum covers most of grammar points but omits some that are seldom used or have been changed as the language has changed.
It isn’t a final preparation for the TOEFL. The fourth Module will be important for your students as it introduces them to some types of TOEFL questions that require them to make inferences. It isn’t, however, a final preparation for the TOEFL exam. There are many courses available that offer specific TOEFL preparation.
We will put your logo on the front page of each book if you send it to us as a jpg and the name of your School. For the Adult Curriculum, the cost is $75.
We understand your expectations of a program that had the students conjugate verbs - that is the old method. Today students want to speak, and learning complete sentences is the accepted and most effective way for them to learn to speak. If they want to order a cup of coffee then they need some sentences - the conjugation of the verb "to be" won't help them!! We experienced this ourselves when we attended a private language school in Malaga. We learned hundreds of words and couldn't order a coffee! When students learn sentences they learn the grammar naturally, especially if it is supplemented with explanations of the new grammar that is used in the lesson. The other important factor is to offer a program that is interesting and fun. In both the Children's Curriculum and the Teen Adult Curriculum we have concentrated on making the lessons fun. Laughter facilitates learning. Hopefully we have answered your question. Don't hesitate to write if you need help.
The lessons in the Curriculum are between 1 and 2 hours. The time for each lesson varies greatly depending on the level and class.
YES - everything is included, Student Reader, Student Workbook and Teachers Manual.
YES. We offer a placement test in WORD format that will serve as a starting point for you to tailor a test to suit your students and situation. We sell curriculum all over the world to schools and different types of education institutions in many different environments and we have found this is the best for the placement test.
The Student Reader is distributed to each student. (It could be collected at the end of the course to be used again if you would like to save money.The students don't need to write in it.) The student Workbook is where the students do all of their writing, so each student should have one to keep. The Teacher's Guide is strictly for the teacher. It is your guide to how each lesson is set up, and gives all of the answers and activities that aren't in the other books.
Each module has 2 parts - Part 1 and Part 2. Each Part has 20 lessons with approximately 1 hour per lesson. The time will vary greatly based on the students and the teachers.
The History of Flight is for Intermediate to Advanced students
The Placement test is in WORD format so that you can adapt to suit your requirements. We sell to school all over the world and a 'one size fits all' placement test would not work. The Placement test is available at no cost when you purchase the full Adult curriculum (Modules 1 - 4)
No. The curriculum is designed for small groups.
No - after purchase, you will receive an email with a download link. You can download the files to your computer and print anytime from your computer
The modules can be purchased for $100 each (Parts 1 and 2) or $60 for any one part, or as a package for $350.
We will offer you a special price on subsequent purchases of any materials depending on the quantity that you buy or have bought in the past. You will need to let us know what you need so we can give you a discount. Feel free to take your time as we will be pleased to work with you as your project progresses.
As the world economy struggles we are committed to helping people get started with the teaching of English.When we are able to reach out In this way, it provides opportunities for students and teachers to improve their lot in life. We would be willing to discuss problems that you may encounter as you set up your classes.

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