Childrens Curriculum Samples

Sample of our Children’s Curriculum

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The Alphabet (A – M) Book-1A-color-sample

The Alphabet (M – Z) Book-1B-color-sample

Exiting Adventures Book-2A-color-sample

Friendly Aliens Book-2B-sample-color

Visitors From Saturn  Book-3A-sample-color

Adventures in Canada Book-3B-sample-color

The Trip to Saturn – 4A Coming Soon!

A Dangerous Encounter – 4B Coming Soon!

Mysterious Island – Book-5A-sample-color

Lost on Mysterious Island – Bk-5B-sample-color


ESL Storybooks

Jambo Goes to the Moon Sample

Jambo and the Robots 

Jurassic Times

Permian Times

Mystery of the Secret Code

Mystery of the Stolen Money