The Alphabet – 1B – M TO Z


This book introduces the alphabet from M to Z. Includes colorful activities and Picture Bingo games. Rhyming words are introduced.

For Students under 7 years.  It introduces the alphabet from M to Z.


  • Student book – 42 pages
  • Teacher’s Guide Book – 30 pages
  • Glossary — 153 new words
  • Colorful games and activities suitable for lamination – use over and over!
  • Print as many copies as required
  • Download PDF immediately after purchase


Student Book 

Introduces the alphabet from M to Z. It has 45 pages for 14

Practice Book 

This book of 27 pages and 12 lessons introduces the children to printing between lines as each new letter is presented. The book is designed to provide the teacher with independent work for the students.

Teacher’s Guide Book 

This second set of ESL textbooks has 26 pages for 14 ESL Lessons. It includes a Final Test and a Glossary. It is an important part of this ESL children’s program. It provides colorful children’s ESL activities and ESL games for teachers to photocopy.


These textbooks were designed in cooperation with a Hong Kong company and have been tested in the classroom.
Our Children’s Curriculum now has over 13,000 copies in print!

  • Download immediately after purchase.
  • Print as many copies as required.

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