A Dangerous Encounter – Graphic Novel PDF Version


A Dangerous Encounter is written in a graphics novel format for English Second Language students. The story is adapted from the ESL Storybook, of the same name.

This ESL Adventure Book of 80 pages is appropriate for students between the ages of 7 and 12. It stresses listening, understanding, speaking and creative thinking. The children are encouraged to suggest solutions to the problems that the storybook characters encounter and express their ideas.


It is very well suited to summer camp activities or supplementary lessons that stress oral language.

The student book has 31 colorful pages that present the lively conversations of the storybook characters. Teacher notes and suggestions for teaching each chapter are included at the bottom of each page. These include questions for the teacher to ask followed by the answers.

The story is about a family that lives on Saturn and their teenaged cousins who visit them from Earth. Friendly aliens accompany them throughout their journey.

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