Module 2 – Part 2 – High Beginners ESL Curriculum


Module 2 is designed for high beginners English as a second language students aged 13 and older.

Suitable for High School/Middle School students and language schools.  The Curriculum uses a conversational approach to English, stressing communication in a variety of everyday situations. Reading and writing are included in each lesson, with numerous activities for practice, but listening and speaking are given the greatest emphasis. Basic grammar is introduced sequentially, then practiced in a variety of oral activities and written exercises.



  • 41 page Student Reader
  • 53 page Student Workbook
  • 68 page Teacher’s Guide
  • 20 lessons
  • 5 tests
  • 2 review lessons
  • Glossary
  • PDF Format Download.
  • Immediate download after purchase


  • expressing unexpected results using even though, although and but
  • would, could should tag questions
  • word order
  • conditional sentences
  • using “get” plus an adjective
  • word order for adjectives


  • Oral questions
  • role-plays
  • reading a town map
  • finding a friend using a pseudo name
  • crossword puzzles
  • making sentences
  • word Bingo
  • writing descriptions of people
  • understanding simple jokes
  • small groups asking and answering questions then checking the answers provided.


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