13 September

How to Improve your Teaching

Many languages of the world are regular in the way that they are structured. This makes English grammar very difficult for thousands of students whose first language follows a consistent …

14 May

Spending Less on Curriculum

Many of the countries of the world are facing difficult economic times. Radical changes are taking place each day as people struggle to earn enough to maintain their standard of …

22 October

ESL Bingo Games!

People in every country participate in games, watch games and talk about games. They stimulate the economies of the world and foster international friendship and understanding. Why don’t we use …

15 October

Using Your ESL Curriculum

ESL Adult Curriculum are available by the thousands. If you have already chosen a curriculum, in all probability it is satisfactory, but how the teacher uses it is the big question. …

Beginners ESL Curriculum
07 March

English Usage Practice Test Questions

The most common reference for English Usage is A Dictionary of Modern English Usage (1926) by Henry Fowler, or just ‘Fowler’s.’    Fowler is famous for such quotes as, Inversion:  Writers who observe the poignancy …