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Andrée’s Balloon Expedition – Part 2 Present Tense

Andrée’s Balloon Expedition – Part 2 Present Tense

Present Tense ESL Teaching Activity The present tense is usually introduced first for English second language beginners. Although students will need to have studied this tense before they attempt these practice questions, a review is always a good idea. It may alert students to some small point of grammar that they haven’t previously noticed. Reviews […]

Learning English with Laughter

ESL Practice Questions – The Present Perfect Tense – Ancient Egypt Part 2

ESL EFL Activity – The Present Perfect Tense Many of the English grammar tenses are not too difficult but others give students a lot of trouble deciding when to use them. Since we can’t think through a grammar rule as we speak, the best way is to participate in activities with other students, speaking orally […]

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An ESL Teaching Activity – What’s going on?

In teaching ESL classes in different countries, we found that students enjoyed working in small groups. Usually, they needed something to spark their imaginations, so that they could try out their English skills. We found that picture activities are good for this.

Learning English with Laughter

ESL Practice Questions for the Past Tense – Ancient Egypt Part 1

Students are studying English in most countries of the world. It has been our experience while teaching in Central Europe, Brazil and Hong Kong, that students have difficulty with the past tense. If some members of your classes need help, have them try these practice questions. This is part 1 – see part 2 here

How to practise english listening comprehension and speaking skills.

In order to have good skills in listening comprehension in English and to speak it fluently, a learner should practice listening to audio and video aids in English (dialogues, thematic texts and narrative stories). It is preferable to have English transcripts of audio and video material. I suggest that learners practice listening comprehension with subsequent […]