Beginners ESL Video Workbook 1


  • 15 lesson plans with full video 
  • Supplemental activities and games
  • Video introduction for all topics 

Grammar Points Covered

  • Names, singular and plural
  • “to be” (present tense)
  • Possessive adjectives
  • “to have” (present tense)
  • Negative sentences with “to be”
  • “To do” (present tense)
  • Contractions of “to be”
  • Singular and plural “you”
  • Negative contractions of “to do”


The primary activity with each lesson plan and video is listening and answering questions

Other activities: 

  • writing sentence answers
  • Introductions – answering questions
  • listening to a dialogue
  • completing a dialogue
  • adding missing words to a dialogue,
  • writing sentence answers
  • adding missing words to a paragraph