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Thanks a lot! I could download them, I have already used it several times in different classes it was FANTASTIC!!! Children like to learn English though games.
Thanks again.

I always have difficulty teaching comparatives and this [Comparatives Bingo] really worked for me — they ‘got it’ and remember it.

Students give 100% of their attention to playing bingo in English. Always a hit!

I love your books!

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The downloads are perfect. Just what I needed.  I am used to having a book, but really for my classes this is better because I can make perfect copies and noone has to buy a book. I really like how professional and well thought out each lesson is. I’ll be back for more, I’m sure.


Just want you to know that we are enjoying the curriculum that we recently purchased from you. Since I’m teaching classes at 4 different levels this semester, I really appreciate the ease of preparation and the students are having fun with the various activities included. The fact that I can make the number of copies that I need — no more and no less — is wonderful. You have a great system.

Being able to download all the materials was a real lifesaver for me because I was under such a short deadline and can’t depend on the in-country mail system here. So I could just do my “shopping” AND pick up my “merchandise” right here in my office. What service!

Thanks so much!
ESL Department
Seminario Juan Wesley
Monterrey, N.L., Mexico
I have been using your program for 4 weeks now and with great success. Being my first time teaching english I did not really know what to expect, but have found that I really enjoy it very much! A lot of the stress was relieved to not have to create my own program or spend all my time creating lesson plans. I find it easy to use your program and it allows me to move and flex with the needs of the students. I am surprized at how fast the students are learning and have even had many other people in the community ask if I might help them learn English as well. So Thank you again.


Everything is on file now and I have been putting lessons together for my new students. (Such fun!) I feel so organized and my students love the whole new approach.
I can’t tell you how pleased I was with my class today. Thanks again for your efforts in putting together such a nice program.


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