Module 3 – Part 2 Contents – Intermediate ESL Curriculum

Lesson 21 furniture, rooms of a house, appliances, clothing

Lesson 22 buying clothes, items “on sale”, role-plays, writing sentences

Lesson 23 telephone conversations, planning food for a party, verbs + infinitive

Lesson 24 saying no to an invitation, phone conversations, review and test

Lesson 25 Barbados, writing conversations

Lesson 26 Barbados festivals, conversations, discussions, organizing events

Lesson 27 gerunds, phrasal verbs, completing conversations, verbs + infinitive

Lesson 28 paragraph writing, review and test

Lesson 29 Rosa Parks, word order of adjectives, paragraph writing

Lesson 30 Martin Luther King, role-plays, past perfect

Lesson 31 creating role-plays, using “but” and “because”

Lesson 32 word order, review and test

Lesson 33 doctor, showing relationships, writing conversations, phrasal verbs

Lesson 34 doctor’s office, the passive, a joke, verbs + infinitives

Lesson 35 pharmacy, poem, debating, writing a conversation

Lesson 36 phrasal verbs, past tense, past perfect, phrases, review and test

Lesson 37 Elvis Presley, phrasal verbs, discussion

Lesson 38 Graceland, stolen jewelry, questioning

Lesson 39 relatives, saying “no” to an invitation, questioning

Lesson 40 review and final test

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