Module 3 – Part 1 Contents – Intermediate ESL Curriculum


Lesson 1 using “un” and “dis”, solving a problem

Lesson 2 future progressive tense, phrasal verbs

Lesson 3 future progressive using “to be + going to + present participle

Lesson 4 review and test

Lesson 5 Loreena McKennitt, singer

Lesson 6 count and non-count nouns, “much” “many” and “a lot of”

Lesson 7 Bruce Cockburn, subject and object pronouns

Lesson 8 review and test

Lesson 9 problem solving, questioning

Lesson 10 North American baseball

Lesson 11 Gospel music, writing in the past tense

Lesson 12 review and test

Lesson 13 Queen Victoria, “whereas / but”, “must, have to, had to, got to”

Lesson 14 Edward VII, combining sentences using “who”

Lesson 15 Edward VIII, adverb review, reflexive pronouns,verb+infinitive

Lesson 16 review and test

Lesson 17 Prince Charles, present perfect tense

Lesson 18 Princess Diana of England, adding “ful”

Lesson 19 Diana, Princess of broken hearts.

Lesson 20 review and mid term test



past participles

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