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Beginners Activities

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Beginners Activities Book 1 Our bestselling collection of 11 engaging and fun Activities $9.99
Beginners ESL Games Most popular, thoroughly tested ESL Games ready for the classroom $9.99
Asking and Answering Questions 21 pages of small group Activities that is guaranteed to get your students talking! $7.00
How Many/Some - Questions and picture cards corresponding for practicing SOME/ANY, and HOW MANY.How Many/Some/Any Activity includes question cards for students and pictures of common objects. $7.00

High Beginners

Adverb ESL Bingo 20 unique full color printable Bingo cards - Vocabulary exercises using adverbs such as courteously, actively, thankfully etc.Vocabulary exercise using frequency adverbs such as, often, sometimes, not at all $6.99
Comparatives ESL Bingo20 Unique full color printable Bingo Cards Vocabulary exercises using comparatives such as the slowest, the hungriest, faster than etc. Variations include Question and Answer Bingo * Download after purchase $6.99
Past Tense ESL Bingo Vocabulary exercises using verbs in the past tense such as to cry, cried, to give, gaveVariations include Question and Answer Bingo $6.99
How Many/Some - 10 pages of question and picture cards for practicing how many/some and some/any. $7.00
What did you do on the Weekend? 3 fun activities for beginners $4.99


A Trip to Canada  You have just had an exciting phone call! You are the winner of a contest sponsored by Air Canada! You have won a free flight to any point in Canada, return, two weeks' free car rental, and $1000.00 towards your expenses. $4.99
Seeing the World  Four people plan a trip -- while planning their tip, they write a paragraph, do exercises on infinitives and gerunds, and do a role-playing activity. $4.99
The Windfall  Lou Wilson, the meanest man in town left all of his estate, approximately $950,000, to the city. The will said that the city was to spend the money in "some lasting way for the betterment of the citizens." That was when all the fun began! Everyone wants to spend the money differently. Students debate how to spend the money! $6.95


A Moral Dilemma  This activity is a debate for students about a moral question. $4.95
Mystery of the Stolen Funds Who took the company funds? This series of speaking activities and exercises introduces 18 common idioms. While solving the mystery, the students apply the idioms to real life situations. $4.95
Mystery of the Caribbean Cruise  Our all-time best seller! A romantic cruise on a luxury yacht ends in tragedy. Students solve the mystery! $6.95
The Lady Who Knew Too Much  Mrs. Hillary Ashton-Smith was found dead in her living room by the cleaning lady. An ESL who-dunnit! $6.95
Mystery of the Body in the Study  Lord Chudleigh was found dead in his study, stabbed to death with a letter opener on Christmas morning. Did Lord Chudleigh possessed the famous Madipore Diamond? $6.95
Life Stories Students are giving a picture and partial life story of 4 very interesting and unusual people. $4.95



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