Conversation Activities

ESL Conversation Activities


A Moral Dilemma — Advanced

The students are faced with a real moral dilemma, arising between two friends. There are comprehension questions that can be answered as written exercises or in small or large groups. There is a role-play, in which the students have to act out solutions to the problem. Great speaking activity to get ESL students involved!

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What did you do on the Weekend? Beginners



This package comprises three fun activities for beginners. Students practice Past Tense and prepositions. Role cards plus question and answer activities.

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Life Stories Conversation Activity — Advanced


For this activity there are pictures and partial life stories of four unusual people. Students finish the story and discuss these unusual people.

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Seeing the World — Intermediate


Four people plan a trip — there is a paragraph to write, exercises on infinitives and gerunds, and a role-playing activity.

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