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ESL Debates for Intermediate and
Advanced Students

So, why debates? Here is what the Experts Say!
"Debate is an important educational tool for learning analytic thinking skills and for forcing self-conscious reflection on the validity of one's ideas (210)."

Nesbett, Richard E. (2003) The geography of thought. The Free Press

A study on debate with Japanese students, found that "before the debates only 30.8% of the students were not afraid of expressing their opinions when they were not the same as others'. After the debate this figure rose to 56.7%."

"... skills which came from the practice in the debates led the students to become more accustomed to expressing opinions."

Fukuda, Shinji (2003) Attitudes toward argumentation in college EFL classes in Japan. Proceedings of the First Asia TEFL International Conference. Pusan, Korea. pp. 417-418

Debates designed for ESL Teachers

5 ESL Debates including:

Debate #1 Molly the Cat
-- Who should pay for rescued animals? Are pets good or bad?

Debate #2 Fat Man Walks it off -- What can we do about the Obesity epidemic? How much exercise do you get?

Debate #3 Living Billboards -- Should companies use live animals as Billboards? Is there too much Billboard advertising? How much advertising is too much?

Debate #4 Little White Lies! -- How often do you lie? What do you lie about? Are little white lies OK sometimes or not at all?

Debate #5 Turn Off TV Week -- Could you turn off the TV for a whole week? How much TV do you watch? Is watching TV good or bad?

Each Debate Includes:

  • Short News Story
  • Vocabulary List
  • Idioms -- definition and examples
  • Listening Comprehension exercise (With Answers)
  • 3 Warm Up Discussions
  • Quick Discussion Topics (10 - 12 related ideas for class or group discussion)
  • Questions for Class Discussion ( 15 - 20 questions to discuss in class or in small groups)
  • Preparing For the Debate
  • Selecting the Debate Statement
  • Written exercise to develop ideas (pro or con) about the Debate Statement
  • Pros and Cons Worksheet
  • Debating Points Sheet
  • Writing your Debate Speech
  • How to Stage a Debate
  • Example Chairperson's Script
  • Instructions for the Judge
  • Get all 5 debates with over 70 pages of exercises and ideas for discussion and hours and hours of classroom time for $14.99!