Children's ESL Curriculum

The Alphabet (A – M) Book-1A-sample
The Alphabet (M – Z) Book-1B-sample
Exiting Adventures Book-2A-sample
Friendly Aliens Book-2B-sample
Visitors From Saturn  Book-3A-sample
Adventures in Canada Book-3B-sample
The Trip to Saturn Book 4A – sample  
A Dangerous Encounter Book 4B – sample
Mysterious Island – Book-5A-sample
Lost on Mysterious Island – Bk-5B-sample

Alphabet Animals

This series of books are suitable for children starting to learn English at ages 7 – 10.
Alphabet Animals A – L    Sample 
Alphabet Animals M – Z   Sample

ESL Storybooks

Children’s Graphic Novels (Comic Book) Samples


  • Teachers Guide – Includes answers and background information for discussion. Includes Glossary.
  • Student Workbook – encourages creative writing of short paragraphs by presenting the students with a scenario, brainstorming and providing related words. Word order and the use of adjectives are stressed. Vocabulary is reinforced through crossword puzzles and word Bingo games.
  • Storybook  or Textbook – Can be used with a group or with individual ESL EFL students. Divided into chapters that are equivalent to one lesson.


  • Immediate PDF Download after purchase
  • Print as many copies as required!
  • Use the Free trial version for 30 Days
  • Colorful games and activities can be laminated
  • Use over and over.
  • Thoroughly Tested in the Classroom
  • Complete package for the teacher
  • No preparation