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An ESL Teaching Activity – What’s going on?

In teaching ESL classes in different countries, we found that students enjoyed working in small groups. Usually, they needed something to spark their imaginations, so that they could try out their English skills. We found that picture activities are good for this.

Learning English with Laughter

ESL Practice Questions for the Past Tense – Ancient Egypt Part 1

Students are studying English in most countries of the world. It has been our experience while teaching in Central Europe, Brazil and Hong Kong, that students have difficulty with the past tense. If some members of your classes need help, have them try these practice questions.

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Activities for Teaching the Progressive Tenses

 The progressive tenses are fun to teach as they follow an easy rule. When your students have studied the simple present and past tenses they will be ready to learn and use the present and past progressive tenses. This article outlines the basic grammar and provides several talking activities. The progressive tenses show that something […]

Starting an ESL Beginners’ Class

Starting an ESL Beginners’ Class

When beginning students enroll in an ESL class, they are likely to come in with quite a bit of anxiety. They want to learn English, but many of them will be worried that it will be too difficult, or that they will appear stupid in class. If the teacher can recognize this, and show the […]


Keeping your ESL Class Alive – tips for ESL Teachers

  When you are teaching an ESL class, have you ever stopped and looked at the students’ faces? What do you see? Are the students sitting up, eager to see what comes next, or are they all slouched down with a glazed look in their eyes?

ESL Teaching Activities - the Negative with To do, Some and Any - Includes Handouts

ESL Teaching Activities – the Negative with To do, Some and Any – Includes Handouts

Let’s give learning the English language some pizzazz. It can be frustrating, so it’s important that we do all we can to simplify it and most important of all, LET’S MAKE IT FUN! Everyone learns when they laugh. This article attempts to provide material and references that will make your ESL Activities about using the […]

Tips for Accommodating Advanced Students in ESL Classrooms

Tips for Accommodating Advanced Students in ESL Classrooms

Most classes have several students who are more advanced than the others. They learn easily, their assignments are finished quickly, and they can be a behavior problem if they are bored. Teachers are required to meet the needs of children with a wide range of abilities with very different needs. There are a finite number […]

ESL Students and Their Accents

ESL Students and Their Accents

It is important to remember that everyone has an accent. If we travel from the West Coast of Canada to Toronto, we immediately notice the difference in the people’s accents. If we travel on to Newfoundland, there are some remote communities where we wouldn’t be able to understand a word spoken. It is the same […]

Suggested Activities and Role-plays for Teaching Verb Tenses

Suggested Activities and Role-plays for Teaching Verb Tenses

 The order in which the verb tenses are introduced can make the structure of the English Language easier for the students to understand. Whereas pre-teen and early teen children learn a language by listening and repeating what they hear, without any need to think about grammar, this facility seems to fade as everyone gets older. […]


Steps for Making Verb Tenses Easier

Many students are concerned about learning the tenses of the English language. They have likely heard horror stories about the irregular verbs and the many exceptions to the rules. It is scary unless a method for approaching the tenses in a step by step fashion is introduced.  Let’s start at the bottom and  a pyramid that shows the similarities […]