Comparatives ESL Bingo

ESL Comparatives Bingo


Bingo is one of the most fun and best learning games for ESL Teachers.

Once students get going, they won’t want to stop!


  • 20 Unique full color printable Bingo Cards
  • Vocabulary exercises using comparatives such as the slowest, the hungriest, faster than
  • Variations include Question and Answer Bingo
  • Download after purchase

Bonuses (included at no extra charge)

Bonus written exercise using comparatives

  • Bonus word order exercise
  • Comparatives Crossword Puzzle
  • Bingo history Lesson
  • Bingo Idioms and Slang

About Our ESL Activities

Students give 100% of their attention to playing bingo in English. Always a hit!

S. A.

I always have difficulty teaching comparatives and this [Comparatives Bingo] really worked for me — they ‘got it’ and remember it.



  • All handouts included. No preparation! Saves you hours and hours.
  • Use this package over and over. Saves you time and money!
  • Complete instructions for TEFL Teacher. Everything is explained and ready to go!
  • Ready to use in the classroom. Walk into the classroom and use it today.
  • Handy Adobe PDF format.
  • Involves and engages students learning English

These highly motivating activities promote a relaxed atmosphere where the students become involved in the content and learn to think in English.

  • English as a second language Students become so involved they forget they are learning.
  • Students retain more of what they learn because they enjoy themselves
  • Students absorb concepts directly, and remember what they have learned.
  • Students leave class with positive feelings, and look forward to coming back!



  • 20 Unique full color printable Bingo Cards
  • 3 extra exercises and activities
  • Crossword puzzle and answer key
  • Bingo History and Bingo Idioms Lesson



ESL Bingo – Comparatives!

Comparatives Bingo game for beginners

 Adverb Bingo Cover
Includes 20 unique full color printable Bingo cards, Vocabulary exercise using adverbs such as courteously, actively, thankfully etc. and Vocabulary exercise using frequency adverbs such as, often, sometimes, not at all!

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