Asking and Answering Questions — Group ESL Conversation Activity

This Collection of Beginners ESL Activities will get your students talking with each other, moving around and having a great time!

Small Group ESL Conversation Activities


  • Do you have, Does she have question and answer game for beginners
  • I want, She wants question and answer exercise
  • Singular and Plural question and answer speaking activity
  • Completing the Sentence question and answer exercise
  • “Do you, Are you” question and answer exercise
  • “Do you want to” question and answer exercise

Each Beginners Conversation activity contains

  • Complete instruction for the Teacher
  • Printable cards for students
  • Total of 21 pages of Activities!

Sample Card

Asking and Answering Questions Activities

Asking Questions Cover Discussion and conversation activities for beginner ESL EFL students - Asking and answering questions Add to Cart

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