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Beginners Games Book 1

Our latest book, Beginners ESL GAMES is a collection of tested ESL games for beginners, including the most popular and bestselling ESL games from our online store.
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Asking and Answering Questions Activity

21 Pages of Small Group Activities that get beginner students talking to each other! Learn More >>>

What did you do on the Weekend?

This package comprises three fun discussion/conversation activities for beginners.
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Beginners Activities Book 1

This bestselling collection of Beginners Activities features a total of 11 fun and engaging activities. Includes complete Instructions for the Teacher
Total of 36 pages of activities
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How Many/Some Activity

10 pages of
Questions cards and corresponding picture cards for practicing SOME/ANY, and HOW MANY.
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Complete Package of Activities – 50% off!

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Date Published: 2016-09-07
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