ESL Teaching Activities – the Negative with To do, Some and Any – Includes Handouts

Let’s give learning the English language some pizzazz. It can be frustrating, so it’s important that we do all we can to simplify it and most important of all, LET’S MAKE IT FUN! Everyone learns when they laugh. This article attempts to provide material and references that will make your ESL Activities about using the negative lively and fun.

Using the Negative

“Not” expresses a negative idea.

“Do” or “does” is used with “not” to make a present tense verb negative.

I do not (don’t) like camels.


He does not (doesn’t) like jaguars.


They do not (don’t) like spiders. 


Using “some”

Oral Questions



Use “some” in questions and in positive answers.

Do you have some pizza?

Yes, I have some pizza.

Using “any”

Use “any” in negative sentences.

Do you have some cherries?

Activity Handout

No, I don’t have any cherries.

Note: “any” can also be used in a question where it means: Do you have any at all? Or Do you even have one?


Do you have any money? (This means do you have any money at all.)

Yes, I have some money.

No, I don’t have any money.

The message of this article is to get your students talking and laughing. Teach the basics and then move on to providing activities for student participation. You’ll send them home laughing.

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  1. Tony says:

    Nice points. use of such activities is like doing experiments for science students. Teaching activities like these are good because the make it easy to understand and retain

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